Metanarrative of Freedom

                                                                        RAJA PUNIANI


Just believe it
“Freedom for all”
And mind it
“Freedom is not partial”

Are free to have so many

Are free to have nothing

You are free to have food
If you have

Free to have sex
Even if you don’t want

Free to sleep
If you really can

Free to enjoy
If you can do so

Free to take drug
If you can buy

Free to be educated
If you can invest

Free to do hooliganism
If you have that guts

Free to sparkle riots
If you have that ‘charisma’

Free to exploit oppressed
Even if you are yourself oppressed

Free to enslave freedom
Of others
Even your own

You are
Free to free constraints
But you aren’t free to free freedom from compulsions

So freedom is not that bullshit
Which is taught in bloody classrooms

It’s something which teaches us
Instead –

How to remain bold
In a fearful condition
How to feel shining
Even in darkness
How to feel certain
In unsure times
You learn to grow
Without growing

You know what
You are always given options
But not the right to choose

Personal life is free
To exercise the right
Of being controlled by
Hidden terms and cunning conditions of freedom

Freedom is decided by market
Bigger the market
Bigger the freedom
Bigger the compulsions

All are free
Free to sell
And to be sold

You deserve freedom of speech
but not freedom of thought

This is the General Theory of Freedom

You are free
Your country is free
Government is free
Patriotism is free
The only thing that is not free

Is your freedom

जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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