Many Earths

                                                                       RAJA PUNIANI
You can create as many earths as you like

No matter
Outside or within this earth
No matter
How mach big or little those shall be

You may not listen to
The pathetic farewell song of
Birds flying towards south

Whether you ask the silent cascade
For its opinion on your opinion of creating new earths

This ever spinning earth has
Always loved to see you
Multiplying your goals, exponentially
Amplifying your dreams, horribly

And, there is ample of space
In this liberal universe

Your ambitious red eyes
Can’t see wounds
That you have gifted to this earth
With ‘zero greed’

Human have always misused its technology
To exploit others:
The educated parasites have
Started gnawing continuously
The crust, fat, muscular tissues, bones
Of earth

Accumulation of properties can make you “rich”
But at cost of
Earth’s silent cry

You wish passionately to multiply
And multiply

Ok, you multiply
Your desires
And markets

But do you know
That this anomic earth
Is bored of your hungry needs?

You can go anywhere
And build your earth of your choice

You can do anything you like
But you don’t have the option
Ro choose between
Your lunatic life and

Your ego flies over
The empty nests of some newly extinct birds

Whatever big number
After you multiply something with something
You are badly in need of ‘one’

You are deeply aware
That you are gradually losing
Your ‘One’
-The Earth

जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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