Darjeeling Dreams


                                                                      RAJA PUNIANI

How can
Non-homogeneous scrawls
Of landslide
Be their epitaph?

And now
When History inside the uterus of struggle
Crawls like a-would-be-extinct

You may not know
What do you want
To see
To mean

Each eye sees dreams
No matter
How much feasible
The dreams are

Emancipation of sweat
And liberty of profit
Are juxtaposed
By the rulers

Lazy fogs over
A dried up cascade

Hope that there is a well
In the desert

Real trusts are still alive
They can’t be burnt

By burning their effigy

Are quite simple here
In steep hills of Darjeeling

Rhododendron is Rhododendron here
Though it may mean a lot of things in itself

Hollow pride
And concrete prejudices
Of prowess
Throw chilly powder
In the eyes of history

Songs of sting
Clatter across slogans

Clothes are flags

Fingers plucking tea leaves
Are not trembling
But are screaming silently

World sips their tart scream
With bed tea
Each morn

They pluck their dreams
With each plucked tea leaf

They burn their lean desires
With the coal they throw inside
The engine of Toy Train

Pains are sang by
Alcoholic winds of waiting

Children are going school

Only to unlearn the menace
Known popularly as

Dreams are seen
The eyes of
Burning belly 

जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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