Pleading for the LOVE

                                                                    Pravin Rai Jumeli


Do not arrest me within your forearms

Do not play me with your kisses

Do not draw the boundary of love by the love letters

Your unrestrained youth does not flavors the love

Love does not rise with the mountains of your breast

Love does not waver within the myth of your hair style

Love is always fleeing from the sleeplessness of adultery

And love does not fall with sperms in bad dreams also

Crossing many battles I reached the village of love

But love is found exiled from this village also

You should inhabit again in your village, love

Darling, you should take some black teas for those farmers

Who are digging the fertility on the hillside

Carrying lives in their palms our brethren are on war in the frontiers

You should be the prayer for their protection

Some silhouettes are carving beauties in the darkness

And you should be present there being some puffs of cigarette

Come to us by breaking every bondages of love

In the name of love you should not wait only for bumble bees

Do not wait for some young men in solitude gardens by being women only

You should be the ointment for every sore

Do not die a death of a love only

By living the immortality of love you should be the god

And I shall love for every love that you shared

And for every love shared by you

shall be loved by me always.

जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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