God, this is an elegy for you

                                                             Pravin Rai Jumeli

God himself was in wonder

in the uncovered tale of his forms

that from the ages

hearing the moans of unlimited prayers

how much he did mistake

that why he did not entered in the idols and pictures

to speak the truth

those who metamorphosed the wealth and religion

into the power of witchcraft

they entwined the turban of his incarnation

and are silently celebrating the festivity of his death

the illusions unarmed by the power of

their organs of sense

were also stretching out

to excel the graph of excellence

the devotees who recognize the fall and rise of market

and pulling out the suitable zests for themselves

from Amartyasen and Louise Althuser

are spreading away like a software

or a information network

god, who is slumbering in the drunkenness

of invisible and absent ether

and becomes destitute

seeing the world which is exhausted

by the song of his name

and lifting the hidden meanings

from the books written in the name of god

man announces the death of world and man himself.

जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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