An Apology for the Mistake of Speaking Truth

                                                              Pravin Rai Jumeli

I said, the fox of time is much shrewd

he explained that

all these infant-enterprises are only plays

further I add, the tall sky is also an illusion

one day our Everests of vanity and conceit

will be crushed by the hurricane of time

but the players of illusion disagreed

they said that the real is

only the dream of falsehood

and they like to hear only

that falsehood of my truth

they prefer to laugh

when I cry with my songs

the dramatist-pleaders

and the character-sinners

are halted surrounding me

I degrade with every rubbing of my pen

I write the apology

standing in the court of untrue

this modernized multiplex is of what sort

where unreal is the body

and real is the copy

of what sort are these dreaming/waking moments

where material is relative

and soul is stranger

illusions, truths, songs and questions are

counted as plays by the ascetic of creation

I said, the puzzling of myself is also a mistake

these entire speeches and acts

are not more than a dream

but they do not agree with me

it seems that this rejection is also a game

the game is also the act of writing this apology

truth/untruth all are

the infinite game of time-song.

१ टिप्पणी (+add yours?)

  1. Baidyanath Upadhyaya
    जन 23, 2011 @ 07:58:08

    I read some selected articles and I like it all.

    जवाफ फर्काउनुहोस्

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